From Play To Death: How Can Video Games Be Deadly

To begin with, a video game, also known as a computer game, is an electronic game that can be interacted with using an input device, such as a controller, keyboard, or joystick. The purpose of video games is to have fun and unwind, but they can also be used for competitions and for learning and enhancing skills.

However, when the boundaries of these video games reach their limits, we witness nothing more than devastation and an alarming consequence—that can result in death and serious injuries!

Believe it or not, there are a dozen video games that have been classified as dangerous because they have resulted in actual fatalities or serious injuries. Here is a list specifically crafted for you to know and be cautious of:

But first, let me introduce you to a game where reality defies and blurs the line between good and evil inBlack Bird by Tammy Welton, the author of Mylo128,” and other gripping thrillers:

The Black Bird is a game where two black birds engage in the seemingly innocuous task of picking corn for points. However, for Sasha Williams, this app is the gateway to a clandestine world on the dark web, serving as the encrypted communication hub for her assignments from Black Bird—a covert organization specializing in tactical operations for hire. While most missions go smoothly, a critical operation in Kansas City turns dangerous, revealing Sasha and turning her from a hunter to a target. The story evolves into a high-stakes chase across continents, from the jungles of South America to the vast expanse of the United States, as Sasha becomes a target in the never-ending pursuit of eradicating an imminent threat.

Blue Whale – Suicide

Imagine a 50-day survival challenge, the Blue Whale game, designed for teens and children, taking a sinister turn. Participants face bizarre and horrifying difficulties, some even involving self-harm, like cutting hands. Tragically, this game has led to hundreds of teenagers choosing suicide on the 50th day, making it a disturbing and dangerous phenomenon around the world.

Pokémon Go – Homicide, Walking in Traffic

Embark on the adventure of Pokémon Go, an augmented reality game that encourages players to catch and battle Pokémon in the real world. However, this seemingly innocent game has resulted in injuries and even deaths as people get dangerously absorbed in the quest for Pokémon, risking their lives in traffic.

PUBG Battleground – Addictive Nature, Murder

While PUBG Battleground offers an engaging gaming experience, it has become entangled in real-life death cases. An Egyptian boy’s addiction to PUBG led to a tragic end, with reports citing a sudden increase in blood pressure as the cause of his death. Additionally, there have been numerous instances of murders linked to the addictive nature of the game.

Fire Fairy – Fire, Burn

Fire Fairy is an online prank that targets younger children. By giving children dangerous instructions to turn on the gas in the stove at midnight when no one else is awake and then go back to sleep, this deadly game promises that they will wake up and become fire fairies. According to a report by the Daily Mail, a five-year-old girl had already fallen victim to the game and suffered serious burns to her body as a result of believing she could be turned into a fire fairy as promised online.

Charlie Charlie – Scared

Charlie Charlie, more an urban legend than a game, has taken social media by storm with millions of tweets, drawing in famous YouTubers and influencers. Utilizing a simple white paper with quadrants marked “yes” and “no,” participants place two pencils over each other, posing questions to the supposed demon Charlie. Often dubbed the poor man’s Ouija board, the legend suggests that neglecting to bid a proper farewell to Charlie after the game may result in haunting, leaving many children spooked by the experience.

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