The Best Books To Read Before You Die

Everyone has some plans before they leave this world. But have you ever thought about reading?

While it might come as a surprise, books are something exceptional. Not only do they provide us with diverse and adaptable narratives, but they also give us a multitude of viewpoints and chances to gain valuable skills and worldviews.

And with such a variety of genres, there are so many great books to read—the ones that will give you the experience of a lifetime—leaving a lasting impact on your soul.

If you are looking for interesting books to read, we have compiled a list of some of the best titles you will not be able to put down—a list that will keep you entertained no matter how you feel.

Starting with

“The Wish Maker: Fog and Mirrors”

The Wish Maker: Fog and Mirrors is a magnificent book that intricately weaves a captivating supernatural thriller that will leave you spellbound. Introducing Raphael, the Wish Maker, who grants wishes at a cost that goes beyond money. However, there are rules and strict guidelines to which one must adhere: wish, pay, commit, and accept the consequences—even if unfavorable. As Raphael allows individuals to rewrite their stories, the age-old warning resonates — meddling with time exacts a price more formidable than desperate souls could fathom. Unveiling buried historical secrets and many mysteries, this striking narrative beckons you on a captivating journey through dark wishes, consequences, and the timeless conflict between the past, present, and future.

Check out this review by a customer to get more insight:

“The narrative is brilliantly constructed, with the author’s storytelling skills shining through. The pacing keeps you engaged from start to finish, and the twists and turns are both surprising and thought-provoking. Want the Audio version of this book.” —ANN

“Road to the Dark Path”

Road to the Dark Path takes you on a thrilling journey through Dalton’s Grove, a town divided by power and wealth. Tana Hayes, once content with a quiet life, becomes the target of Dev Bradley’s dangerous obsession. As a clever killer plays a deadly game of love, Tana fights back, training to defend herself and seeking vengeance. This fast-paced tale explores the limits of endurance, where the flames of resistance can’t be extinguished.

“Dream Catcher in the Garden of Stone”

Dream Catcher in the Garden of Stoneis a gripping tale of survival and supernatural gifts. Cal Walker, miraculously emerging unscathed from a fatal crash, discovers his newfound ability to traverse dreams. Initially dismissing them as mere aftereffects of a coma, Cal soon realizes he is the Dream Catcher—an invisible witness combating evil in the dream realm. Guided by unseen forces, Cal, his brother, and Detective Kyra Lowe strive to unravel dream clues and thwart the intelligent and secretive Stone Garden Slayer. Racing against time, they confront a malevolent force, seeking to stop the killer before he claims his next victim. Will they succeed before it’s too late?

“Black Bird”

Black Bird reveals the sinister underbelly of the seemingly innocent app, Black Bird, which, for Sasha Williams, serves as a gateway to a covert dark web organization. But, when a mission goes wrong, Sasha becomes the target of a hunt after a compromising revelation. From South American jungles to the United States, Sasha must face a perilous journey to eliminate the threat posed by someone she could not expect in her wildest dreams. In this high-stakes game, safety is a luxury none can afford. Can Sasha keep herself safe and win this game of life or death?


Mylo128 delves into the aftermath of Sanders Labs’ quest for a PTSD cure turned lethal experiment. Weaponizing therapy produces soldiers with extraordinary abilities and a dark side. As Mel Trask seeks an antidote in Pine Creek, the narrative unfolds into a high-stakes race against time, revenge, and the consequences of unchecked power.

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